Studvest wins the Integration Award

Velferdstinget in Bergen awarded their yearly Integrationprice to Studvest.

Mats Arnesen, editor-in-chief at Studvest was pleased:

-It came as a surprise in the middle of producing the last edition of Studvest of this semester, and it was uplifting for us all. Spirits were high when I told the international students who have participated the last semesters, and my impression is that a lot of exchange students who choose to engage in both Studvest and other student organizations feel that their stay in Bergen improves a lot.

To reward efforts of integration

This is the second year of the Integration Award and there were fourteen nominees. The aim of the award is to reward efforts that integrate international students by including them in organized activities, by creating contact between Norwegian and international students, and by offering information in English.

-The award is a sign of the good work we have been doing since we started the english editorial group in autumn 2014 and the work thats been done recruiting and including international students as both journalists and photographers. At the time it was news editor Sofie Svanes Flem who experienced that international students got in contact when Studvest was recruiting for journalists and photographers, says Arnesen.

He explaines that many of them wanted to write themselves, and be able to read Studvest.

– Therefore the international editorial group seemed like a good idea, Arnesen muses.

– Important to reach out

Studvest receives the award for their work on offering local and relevant news to the international students in English, such as articles on the surveilance of Fantoft and useful apps to have during the semester, amongst other things, according to Velferdstinget.

-The international students that have engaged in Studvest have contributed a great deal in enabling us to cover the international environment in Bergen to a larger extent than before. Which we also should considering the increasing number of international students from year to year. It is important to reach out to the students who cannot access the local news in BT and BA. That makes student newspapers such as Studvest the only opportunity for them to follow whats going on while they are in town, the editor-in-chief points out.

Studvest have, according to Velferdstinget’s announcement, said that they will share part of the award money of 20 000 NOK by writing an article on «international students and the famous Norwegian nature».

Kontrast1 obviously take their share of the integration responsibility by spreading these happy news in English, and salutes Studvest for their efforts. Congratulations!

Author: Irene Tollefsen